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A Talk between Grandfather and Grand daughter
ڏاڏي ۽ پوٽيءَ جي وِچُ ڳاله ٻولهه

Friends about Study
پَڙهائيءَ بابَتِ

Friends about Sports
رانديُن بابَتِ

Teacher and Student- About Learning Sindhi
سِنڌي سِکَڻَ بابَتِ

Mother and Son- at the breakfast
نيرَنِ تي

In the Family
ڪُٽُنبَ ۾

Talk with a Child
ٻارَ سان ڳالهه ٻولهه

Visit to a friend’s house
دوستَ جي گهَر

At the Book Shop
ڪِتابَن جي دُڪانَ تي

Planning to visit India
ڀارَت وَڃَڻَ جيِ تياريِ

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