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Sindhi Dialogues - In the Family ,Page - 1



ڪُٽُنبَ ۾

In the Family

پيِءُ :شڪُرُ جو شاديِ سُک سان ٿيِ ويئيِ. سڀئي مائِٽَ ڏاڍا خوش هُئا.
Father : Thank God. The Marriage went off smoothly. All the relatives were very happy.
پوُنَم : پاپا، شاديِءَ ۾ ڪيرُ آيا هُئا ؟ خاص ڪَهِڙا مائِٽَ هُئا ؟
Poonam : Papa, Who had attended the marriage? Which close relatives had come?
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